- Our puppies, especially the little girls, tend to find their homes very quickly, and that is why we have resurrected our waiting

-In order to go on the waiting list, you must submit our standard pet contract and a $200 deposit, which becomes the deposit
on your puppy once you choose him or her.  Click
HERE to begin the process.  The website will walk you through it.

-Waiting list deposits are non-refundable because once you put yourself on the list, we begin breeding to try to produce what
you are looking for, especially if we aren't already expecting it from our upcoming litters.  

-That means that once you go on the list, you will remain on the list until you choose your puppy, unless you tell us that you
wish to be removed from the list (and forfeit your deposit).  The only other way that you would be removed from the list is if
we lose contact with you.

- If you are looking for a very specific puppy, please understand that it may take a while to produce that puppy...possibly up to
a year, though we will always try to do better than that.  If we do not feel that we can produce the puppy you want, we will tell
you and will not accept a waiting list deposit from you.  

-Being on the waiting list gives you first choice of the puppies that are born.  However, it also means that you must choose
your puppy very early because we cannot keep the puppies on hold indefinitely.  So you will have the opportunity to choose a
puppy from each new litter shortly after it is born.  If you decide not to choose one from that litter at that time, the entire
litter will remain available and you will be informed of the next litter.  When you do choose a puppy, that choice is final and
you are removed from the waiting list, regardless of any new litters being born.  

-You are always welcome to reserve a puppy that you previously turned down as long as that puppy remains available.

- Sometimes, you may see people listed as "inactive". This is because they have communicated to me that they are not
currently ready for a puppy, for whatever reason, and they need to wait a while before they select a puppy.  Each time a new
person goes on the list, he/she is listed in the last spot above those who are inactive.  The inactive people remain on the list,
but they do not remain in the rotation for puppy selection, until they let me know that they are ready. At that time, they are
moved to the last active spot on the list, so they will not come before someone who went on the list while they were inactive.
This is our waiting list.  People may choose to go on the waiting list because they
want a specific puppy, or because they want to make sure they don't miss out on our
upcoming litters.  Either way, please read the following instructions carefully before
deciding to go on the list.  
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Waiting List
1. Carol - female, long coat, black and white
2. Lori - female, no color or coat preferences
3. Mollie - merle from Josi litter
4. Kelsey - long coat, no gender preference
5. Emily - female, long coat non-merle
6. Jessie - two females, no specific preferences
7. Brett and Courtney - black and tan deer type female (currently inactive)
8. Aspyn - Elli and Nacho's future litter/black merle male (currently inactive)
9. Candace - merle, no other preferences (currently inactive)
10. Angel - female, no coat or color preference except non-merle  (currently inactive)