We get many requests for "teacup" chihuahuas.   Usually, these requests refer to a puppy
that, as an adult, will not weigh more than 3 or 3 1/2 pounds.  For this reason, we felt the
need to discuss our viewpoint on these tiny little critters.
While there are many highly reputable breeders who breed for the smallest size possible, there are
many additional factors to consider when thinking of purchasing a tiny, or "teacup" chihuahua.  First
and foremost, "teacup" is simply a term...nothing more.  It is not a special breed, or anything else
other than a word.  Many not so reputable breeders will use this term as a way of asking more for
their puppies, and many of those puppies do not even end up being that small size as adults.  No
matter what any breeder tells you, it is impossible to say with absolute certainty what size a
chihuahua will be until it's grown.  Many breeders are very good at predicting the size of their
puppies, and a breeder of quality puppies will never guarantee that your puppy will be a certain
size.   Also, the term "toy" refers to the AKC classification of the breed, not necessarily that the
puppy will be a tiny one...though some breeders will also use the term in an effort to charge more for
their puppies.  Just remember, ALL chihuahuas are classified as "Toys".
Next, the vast majority of our puppies have grown to be at least 4 pounds.  In other words, we do
not breed for tiny puppies.  Occassionally, a smaller than average puppy will appear in a litter, but
usually it has just gotten a slow start.  It usually ends up being about the same size as it's littermates,
give or take a few ounces.  On the rare occassion that these puppies do not catch up with their
littermates, it will not be sold until it is a good bit older than the rest, and then it will be placed
carefully, in only the most attentive of homes, which brings me to my next point...
The reason why we do not breed for the tiny size, and the reason why any tiny puppy that we might
produce will be placed very carefully is that the tinier the puppy, the less likely it will be as heathy as
the average Chihuahua.  The very tiny Chis usually have a good deal of health problems as adults.  
They tend to have shorter lives, and a great deal more complications from puppyhood on to
adulthood.  We also require a spay contract for any tiny female that we place due to the fact that the
tiny girls usually have a very difficult time giving birth.  It is not wise to breed these little Chis unless
you are a very knowledgable breeder, and even then, problems are likely to occur.  Even the tiny
Chis need a good loving home for as long as they are able to enjoy it, and many do live very close to
a normal Chihuahua lifespan, due to exceptionally good breeding, however, before you purchase a
tiny Chihuahua, please, please, please research the breed extensively.  Tiny dogs usually require a
much greater amount of care and attention, and are not suitable for every home.  This information
can be referenced from any breeding related or Chihuahua related book at your local library.
Finally, if you do settle on bringing a tiny Chihuahua into your family, try to research your
prospective puppy's parents, grandparents and siblings.  You will need to evaluate their size in
relation to their health and well-being.  Any good breeder would be more than willing to answer your
questions, because they know the added responsibility of owning a tiny baby themselves.  
Remember, it is possible for a tiny puppy to come from a litter of regular or "standard" sized chis,
and it's possible for them to be by and out of average sized parents.  However, please be careful to
know when you are getting an unhealthy runt as opposed to a healthy, well-socialized puppy that just
happens to be smaller than the rest.  Remember, most (though unfortunately not all) breeders who
have the tiny babies will be solid breeders who care about their puppies.  They will have taken good
care of these babies, and they will expect any prospective home and owner to do the same.
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders