Air transport is, by far, the most popular choice because it is quick, inexpensive and convenient
compared with some of the other options.  We have never had a problem with our puppies in air
transport because we make sure they are ready to fly before we put them on the plane.  However,
some people still prefer to use other options, so I describe them below.  

Please read the following information very carefully.  

With very few exceptions, during fall, winter and spring we transport our puppies
from Fort Smith, Arkansas with American or Delta Airlines.  Under extreme
weather conditions (summer heat or extreme cold during the winter), we will go to
Fayetteville or Tulsa to use United Airlines.  Occasionally, we will go to
Fayetteville to get a better flight schedule, but only if we cannot get a safe flight
from Fort Smith.  Your puppy's well-being is our primary concern, so every flight
booked will be well within safe flying conditions for a puppy, regardless of where
we must go to send him or her.

Our rate for flying a puppy home is usually $270 ($300 for United effective 9/1/18) but may vary
depending on which airline we must use and what type of arrangements we must make.  We only
charge for shipping what it costs us to do it.  Rates cover the flight, crate and bedding, health
certificate, and everything needed for transport home to you except any kenneling fees that may be
required.  We almost never put a puppy on a flight that is long enough to require kenneling, with
the exception of some international flights.

Below are rates and specifics about using the different airlines to which we have access:

Delta Airlines - we don't use Delta as much from Fort Smith, but may go to Fayetteville to get a
direct flight to some locations.  Delta offers two services.  Their AVI service is what we usually
choose unless there is some reason to use the other service (explained later).  AVI requires a little
longer connection.  Therefore, it is not possible to use this service for every destination.  It all
depends on the flight schedules between here and there.  The rate for Delta's AVI service from Fort
Smith or Fayetteville is $270.  
Delta also offers a DASH service.  Dash bookings don't require as long of a connection and are
backed by guaranteed arrival times.  This is the service that we must use into some of the small
regional airports.  The rate for Delta's DASH service from Fort Smith or Fayetteville is higher, but
since we rarely use it, I will have to quote a rate at the time of the booking.   The most common rate
we see is $350 for the DASH service.
All of Delta's flights from Fort Smith connect in Atlanta, and Delta does have temperature
restrictions. The temperatures must be between 10 and 80 degrees at every stop while the puppy is
supposed to be there or we cannot send the puppy with Delta. Therefore, most of our summer
transport will be via United Airlines from Fayetteville.

American Airlines - this is the airline we use most often from Fort Smith, and we have access to
from Fort Smith, Fayetteville and Tulsa, though again, we rarely use Fayetteville or Tulsa.  
Rates for American Airlines from Fort Smith are $270.  
American Airlines does have temperature restrictions.  The temperatures must be between 20 and 85
degrees at every stop when the puppy is supposed to be there or we are not able to send the pup.

United Airlines - we only have access to United Airlines from Tulsa or Fayetteville.  As a result, we
don't use them unless some circumstance requires it.  The most common circumstance is summer
temperatures.  United does not have temperature restrictions because all of their holding facilities
are climate controlled. Keep in mind that if using United is required, you may be required to go to a
more distant airport than planned because of United's more limited flight schedules.  Until
September 1, 2018, the rate for United is $270.  EFFECTIVE ON SEPTEMBER 1, 2018, THE RATE

We will work with you to figure the best way to get your puppy to you, however, we do reserve the
right to have the final say on the matter for the well-being of the puppies.  In addition, we will make
every effort to accurately predict your shipping costs at the time of deposit, however, the airlines
change flight schedules and have black out days that we are not always aware of at the time, so the
final shipping price may change, through means that are out of our control.  In such an event, you
will be responsible for all shipping charges, which must be paid before we can send your puppy

We will always provide you with all the information you will need about your puppy's arrival,
including flight times, numbers, and where you will pick up for flights.  For flights with   American
Airlines, we will not be able to give you the flight information for sure until the day before the
flight, because we can only book 24 hours in advance.  Prior to that, however, we will tell you what
flight we plan to use, and we will also give you the information for the alternate flights if there are
any available.  Then, on the morning before the flight, we will email to confirm which flight the
puppy will be on.  We are very active in making sure your puppy arrives safely.  If you have any
questions or concerns at all, you can always call us and we will get it figured out for you.

We require a minimum of 48 hours to arrange flights and we prefer a full week.  This means that, in
most cases, you cannot select a puppy that is ready for his new home on one day and have him
happily licking your face the next day.  It simply takes more time than that.  During times of
extreme weather conditions, we are often at the mercy of the flight schedules, bookings, and the
weather.  If a flight is full, we cannot insist that they book another puppy on it, so we have to check
for the next available flight that isn't full.  Please be patient and flexible and we will get your puppy
home to you as soon as we possibly can.

Occasionally, we can offer ground delivery service within a short radius of our home.  Within a
25-mile radius, delivery is free of charge.  Beyond that radius, delivery rates up to $100 apply.  Our
delivery rates apply even in circumstances where you are coming in from a more distant location
and we are meeting you.  Also, we are not always available to make deliveries, so we cannot
guarantee that this will always be an option.  However, we will do our best to offer this option to
you whenever possible.  We will not make plans to delivery a puppy that has not been reserved with
a deposit.

Most transport and delivery rates are due a week before the date set for delivery.  The only
exception is those delivery rates that apply to our own delivery service.  Those rates, as well as the
balance on the puppy are payable when we meet.  Please note, we will NOT make plans to meet you
for a puppy that has not been reserved with a deposit.

As always, if you have any questions about transporting your puppy, please do not hesitate to call
or email.

HERE for information on International Shipping
We are now offering more transport options for your puppy.  We have air, ground, nanny delivery
and fly-in options now.  The options vary significantly with price, and not all puppies will be eligible
for all transport options.  We make every effort to get your puppy home using the most convenient
or least costly manner possible, but in the end, the safety of the puppy is our only concern, so we
reserve the right have the final say on your puppy's transport arrangements.
Please read this page carefully!
The Fly-in Option

People often ask about flying here to pick your puppy up, and we think it is a great idea.  We
welcome the chance to meet you, and for tiny puppies that cannot fly on their own, this is a
wonderful option.  Our local airport is FSM (Fort Smith, Arkansas), but we can also go to XNA
(Fayetteville/Bentonville, Arkansas) if necesary.  We can meet you at the airport, so that most
people fly in, meet us in the airport arrivals terminal and then turn right back around and fly

Flying into Fort Smith:  Fort Smith is our closest airport, about 30 minutes from our home.  
American and Delta have terminals in Fort Smith, and the airport is small, so meeting there is easy.  
Our recommendation is to use American Airlines into Fort Smith because Delta now only has two
daily flights coming in;  however, the timing of those flights is such that you could easily fly in on
the first one and out on the second one, but expect a wait.  Still, with American, you will have more
options for flying back home.  We prefer that those who wish to fly in use the Fort Smith airport,
because we do offer this service for free on our end, but we realize that it may not be possible from
every location, so the Fayetteville airport is an option in that case.  

Flying into Fayetteville, Bentonville:  Fayetteville is about an hour and a half from our home  but is
serviced by more airlines.  American, Delta, United, and Allegiant  airlines have terminals in
Fayetteville.  The Fayetteville airport is also small  and easy to meet, so this is a viable option for
those who wish to fly in but cannot get a flight from your location into Fort Smith.  

Prices for Fly-In depend on the price of the airline ticket.  You are responsible for securing your
tickets and paying the airline's charges for carrying pets on board (listed below).  Unless we have
something unusual going on, we are available to meet you most any day.
 Please confirm your flight
date with us before booking
, just to ensure that we are definitely available that day.  

Pet In-Cabin Carry-On Rates (note these rates are one-way, as you will only carry your puppy on
the plane once):
American : $125
Delta: $125
United: $125
Allegiant: $100

You must have a soft-sided travel carrier that fits under the seat in the plane.  For Delta, puppies
must be 10 weeks old to fly.

NOTE: Allegiant requires puppies to be 12 weeks of age to travel in-cabin.  This means that they will
require a rabies shot before they can fly.  So, when using Allegiant, we will add $15 to your balance
on your puppy to cover the rabies vaccine.
The Puppy Nanny Option

For tiny puppies, we do offer a puppy nanny option.  These puppies cannot fly or travel by ground
by themselves, because they are too small.  Previously, that meant that they had to be picked up,
even if you are out of state, or they had to go to homes only within driving distance.  Now, we have
the option to bring them to you.  
At this time, I do not have a third party puppy nanny, but I am looking for one.  So, for now, it is
just me.  That means that the cost for this service may be higher than other puppy nanny services
because I do not have access to discounted flights, but you get the bonus of having your puppy's
breeder, the person that knows your baby the very best, handling your puppy personally and
ensuring his or her safety.  
Right now, this option is limited to puppies that are very tiny or that cannot get to you any other
way for whatever reason.  We have to limit the service in that way at least until we can find a third
party to be our nanny because I cannot be away delivering puppies too often.  
The puppy nanny option is just the fly-in option in reverse.  I fly into your nearest airport, you meet
me at the arrivals terminal to receive your puppy and then I turn around and fly back home.

Our rate for the puppy nanny service is $350 plus the cost of the plane ticket and in-cabin carry-on
pet fee.
Rate is based on departure with American or Delta from our home airport (FSM, Fort Smith, AR).  
If we are required to go to Fayetteville, AR to fly, add $50 to the above rates.  For Tulsa, add $100
The listed rates do not include overnight stays.  I generally will not do overnight stays except in
some very rare cases.  If an overnight stay is required for the trip, add $200.

All costs of the puppy nanny service are paid to me in advance and I book my own flights.  I make
every effort to book the most economical flights, but it does depend a great deal on the destination.  
Whenever possible, I will use Allegiant Airlines to get the best possible rates.  However, Allegiant
does not fly from Fort Smith, so if the added travel expenses for Fayetteville or Tulsa exceed the
flight costs from Fort Smith, I will leave from Fort Smith instead.  Also, Allegiant does not offer too
many destinations from our local airports so it may not be possible to use Allegiant for all

Total costs will also include the in-cabin carry-on pet fee.
Pet In-Cabin Carry-On Rates (note these rates are one-way, as I will only carry your puppy on the
plane once):
American : $125
Delta: $125
United: $125
Allegiant: $100

Soft-sided pet carrier NOT included in these rates.  Carriers are not left with the receivers unless
specifically requested and paid for in advance.

For Delta, puppies must be 10 weeks old to fly.

NOTE: Allegiant requires puppies to be 12 weeks of age to travel in-cabin.  This means that they will
require a rabies shot before they can fly.  So, when using Allegiant, we will add $15 to your balance
on your puppy to cover the rabies vaccine.
The Ground Transport Option

Ground transport depends on where you live and includes two options, personal delivery or meeting
in the middle by us or third-party ground delivery.  Rates vary and not all puppies are eligible for
ground delivery options, especially long distance ones.

Personal Delivery
We do offer the option of delivery or to meet you half way for places within a reasonable driving
distance.  Generally, we will not drive more than three hours in any direction, and our rate is $1 per
mile (one way).
NOTE: This option is limited as we cannot be on the road all the time, so we reserve this option for
tiny puppies or people who live close enough that other transport options are not available, but far
enough that making the trip themselves in one day is not feasible.  We also reserve the right to
refuse this option based on our availability, and to choose the destination for meeting.  

Dates for personal delivery are subject to our availability, and may not be available at all during
certain times of the year.

Third-Party Ground Transport
We do sometimes offer ground transport by a dedicated pet transport service.    Transport fees are
paid to us in advance and we pay the transporters.  Currently, we use Puppy Travelers, and the rate
for this service is $135 or $185 depending on your location, and not all locations are serviced

Rate includes bordetella vaccine, health certificate and mailing your puppy kit to you.

Ground transport is a good option during the summer when temperatures are too warm to fly.

We book your puppy's transport a week in advance, and on the following Monday morning, we
meet the transport van and send your puppy to you.  Travel times generally are between 1 and 3
days, and flexibility is required to use this service.

The drivers will contact you during the trip to arrange a meeting place and time.  For some
locations, you may be required to drive an hour or more to meet the van, because they only stop at
designated locations.  Also, pick up times may be inconvenient, occasionally even in the middle of
the night, but you must meet the van when it comes through because you will not have another
chance to pick your puppy up.  

Please Note: Pups whose estimated weight is going to be 4 pounds or less and who will be traveling
for more than a day are not eligible for ground transport.  The transport time is just too long for
these small babies.