Each puppy is priced individually.  We try to keep our prices lower because we feel
that everybody who can provide an appropriate, loving home for a Chihuahua
puppy, should be able to get one, and we feel that many breeder's prices do not
make that possible.  Just because our prices may be lower than others though does
not mean that we compromise the care of our puppies.  Our puppies are cared for to
the highest standard.  They are part of our family while they are with us and even
after they go to their new homes.
Puppy prices will vary from puppy to puppy.  We try to set puppy prices based
partly on the type of homes they will be most suitable for.  Puppies that are best
suited for adult only homes will be priced differently from those who are well suited
for families with children.  This is our effort to place our puppies in the home that
will be best for him/her.
Our regular prices for puppies are $550 and up for males and $650 and up for
females, depending on color, coat type, size, etc.  However, as times we will have
puppies at lower prices for various reasons.
The price of your puppy includes the puppy, vaccinations (all vaccinations will be
given that are required for your puppy's age before picking him/her up or
shipping), vet check, and your New Puppy Care Package, loaded with coupons,
information and other essentials for your new puppy.  If shipping is required, the
shipping fee will cover the crate in which to ship your puppy, a second vet check
and health certificate just before shipping, all age appropriate vaccinations, and
shipping of your New Puppy Care Package.
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders