Paypal is a highly secure online form of payment which allows you to use a credit card, debit card, straight deduction
from your bank account or even an e-check.  When using our buttons, Paypal also allows you to choose the option
not to open an account with them, which means that your payment information will not be stored anywhere online.
We've been using Paypal, as both a buyer and seller, for years and not had a single problem with it.  With all the
fraud surrounding cashier's checks and money orders these days, Paypal is our prefered method of payment.  
However, if you wish to use another payment method, click
HERE and scroll down to read about payment options.  
There is a 3.5% fee included in each payment to cover Paypal's fees.
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We've made paying with Paypal even
easier!  Just click the "Buy Now" button
below, enter the payment amount you want
to make into the box on the new Paypal page
that opens, click "continue" and check out.  
It's that simple!  More detailed instructions
to the left.

To make a payment, just click the Buy Now
button.  A new page will pop up with a blank
price box.  You may enter any amount that you
wish to pay in that box and click "continue" to
see the total including the Paypal fee.

Then, you can then either log into your account
or use the button at the bottom of the page that
says "pay with debit or credit card" to go
through as a guest.

If you have any problem with this page, call
Shayna at 479-252-6670.  I'm happy to help!