To The New Owners of a Male Chihuahua Puppy

Just as in humans, there is a difference between male and female Chihuahua puppies.  As the new owner of a
male Chihuahua puppy, you’re likely to find life fun and possibly a bit frustrating at times.  Little boy Chihuahuas
can be very strong willed, but they’re also loving and adorable.  This combination makes them completely
We won’t lie.  Housetraining a male Chihuahua can be challenging.  It can take lots of patience and attention.  It
may take a while for him to get it down, but be consistent with him and he’ll figure it out.  This comes mainly
from their instinctual drive to “mark their territory” which is part of a pack mentality.  This instinct can often be
difficult to break them of, and traditional training methods may not always do the trick.  In many cases, it is
necessary to assert yourself as the dominant pack member (in his eyes) to stop his marking behavior.  Basic
obedience commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come” make this behavior modification much easier.  Your
goal is to let him know that everything good he has comes from you.  When it’s feeding time, while holding his
food bowl in your hand, give him the “sit” and then the “stay” command and wait till he obeys before putting his
food down for him.  Any time you give him a treat, give him an obedience command first and wait till he obeys
before giving the treat.  At other times, work with him on staying in a room when you leave it.  Give him the “sit”
and “stay” command, and teach him to remain in the position until you allow him to come, by giving the “come”
command.  These methods go a long way in asserting your dominance over him. Once that is done, he is much
less likely to “mark” things.  Also along that line, one method of preventing him from marking is to have him
neutered before he begins to hike his leg.  Speak with your vet about having your male Chihuahua neutered as
soon as you bring him home.  Some vets will do it very early, and some prefer to wait a little while, till your
puppy is a bit bigger.  Please note though, this methods works much of the time, but no one thing works with
every puppy.  If it doesn’t work on your little guy, don’t get discouraged.  Just try something else.
You can expect your new little boy Chihuahua to mature and develop about the same as most other dogs you
may have owned.  He’ll begin teething around 3-4 months of age.  This “chewing” stage is often stronger in
males than in females, and it can last anywhere from 2-6 months or so.  So be sure you have plenty of chew
toys and treats on hand for him.  Don’t worry if you don’t ever see any of his baby teeth.  Often times, he’ll
swallow them unknowingly when they come out during feeding time.  He will begin his “puberty” phase around
6-9 months of age.  His testicles will descend if they have not already (many male’s testicles descend very early,
sometimes even within weeks after birth).  It is this phase that usually begins the “marking” situation.  This is the
age where he may begin to “practice” with his stuffed animal toys.  It is our recommendation that you do not
allow him to do this as it will be very difficult to break him of this habit later, and the habit itself may possibly
spill over onto other things, such as humans.  You can expect him to be fully grown by about 1 year of age, but
often a male Chihuahua does not fully mature, either physically or mentally till almost 2 years of age.     
Male Chihuahuas are known for their fierce loyalty to their loving caretakers.  Your little boy Chihuahua will
protect you and your family with his life if necessary.  While all Chihuahuas can and will attach strongly to
anyone who cares for them, often males will form stronger bonds with their female caretakers.  As a female
caretaker of a male Chihuahua, it’s important not to allow him to believe that he is dominant over you.  This
could result in the marking behavior discussed above, even to the point of marking you as “his girl.”  Male
Chihuahuas are great lap dogs, in many cases more calm and loving than females.
Your new little boy Chihuahua is special and unique.  He may be a little stubborn at times but he will definitely
have personality all his own.   We’re sure you’ve already fallen madly in love with your little guy.  We hope you
have a great time watching him grow and develop.  With lots of love and care, he’ll become a wonderful family
member very quickly.