At this time, we have some adult females available to pet homes.  These girls are fully up to
date on vaccinations and dewormed, but they do still need to be spayed.  We believe that
people value things more when they invest something into them, and we want these
beautiful girls to be valued in their new homes, so we do ask a $150 rehoming fee for these
dogs, but we use that money towards for their spay and dental cleanings before they leave
here.  Most of these girls are our retirees, but we may occasionally add a young girl that we
kept but did not get big enough for breeding.  At times, we may also retire a male, who will
appear here as well.  Each of these dogs has his/her own personality, peculiarities, likes and
dislikes, so if you are interested in any of them, please don't hesitate to contact me to find
out more about them.
We should be able to offer shipping for most of these babies, but we do reserve the right to
refuse shipping if we deem it necessary.  Shipping the adults costs a little more than shipping
the puppies, and generally runs about $350.
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders
Chihuahua puppies for sale, Chihuahua breeders
Sweet Graci is 10 years old in 2018, and
has been retired for some time.  We just
haven't yet found her a loving pet home.  
This little girl wants nothing more than to
be someone's lap dog.  She is quiet, very
calm and super loving and sweet.  Graci is
pretty well crate and outside trained, but
that is not to say that she won't need some
work to get used to her new environment
in her new home.  She has tons of love to
give though, so she will be well worth it.  
Many people think that adopting an adult Chihuahua will be easier than raising a puppy, but
that is not always true.  Yes, sometimes you will have an easier time with an adult making the
transition, but in many cases, adopting at adult is similar to adopting a puppy, and can even
be more challenging for a number of reasons.  Adult Chihuahuas already know an established
routine, and have formed bonds with us.  So, sometimes, it is difficult for them to change
their routine.  They will form bonds with their new families, but it may take more time than
with a puppy.  Also, even the best house trained adult may regress when going into a new
For this reason, we will be equally as picky about where we place our adults as we are about
where we place our puppies.  You must be aware that you are not necessarily getting a
"ready made" companion with these babies, and be willing to put in the work that may be
required to help these precious dogs settle in to your family well.  Believe me, these dogs are
well worth the work!  They have tons of love and affection to give the right family.  
Chiquita is on temporary hold
until early 2019
Chihuahua puppies for sale, Chihuahua breeders
Precious Carmina is 8 years old in 2018.  
She is fawn merle with a cream base coat,
a very pretty girl.  Carmina is a true deer
type Chihuahua, and she has the coolest
personality.  She's still very active and
playful, and she loves people.  She will be
happy to be a companion for almost any
family.  Carmina is pretty well crate and
outside trained, but that is not to say that
she won't need some help to get used to a
new environment in a new home.  She will
be worth it though, as this girl is a total